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11 Mar by admin

Shipping Less Than a Container to Costa Rica

Although Shipping Costa Rica specializes in full container loads and vehicles being shipped to and from Costa Rica, they have the ability to quote less than container loads.  This should be utilized when shipping about a pallet load or more. The only thing that we will need to get you a quote on your shipment […]
12 Feb by admin

Why Ship to Costa Rica?

When you are retiring in Costa Rica. There are two main reasons for shipping to Costa Rica, these are the cost of shipping to Costa Rica (money) and irreplaceable comforts from home.
11 Feb by admin

Do It Yourself – Free Ebook – How to Ship to Costa Rica

Stress Free Shipping to Costa Rica Step by Step Instructions. We’ve written this ebook, to try to give you step by step instruction on Moving or Importing into Costa Rica. We are continiously updating it, so if you have questions or find things not covered, please let us know so we can update as needed. Complete […]