Moving to Costa Rica Helpful Links




Freight Forwarders

Auto Prices in Costa Rica  (scroll to the bottom of the page to search for the Used cars for sale – sorry Spanish only)

Costa Rican Law

Exchange Rate (Tipo de Cambio)

Compra  – The bank buys $ from you.  If you give them $1 they will give you the number of colones in Compra.

Venta – The bank Sells you Dollars. If  you want to exchange colones for $ you have to give them the number of colones in Venta and they will give you $1


Exchange Calculator

Riteve  – Revisión Ténica – The Costa Rican Vehicle Inspection Goverment Entity

Registro Nacional  – National Registry – Where all Automobiles and Land are Registered

To file Shipper Export Declaration on line.  Required for automobiles valued of $2,500US