Why Ship to Costa Rica?

shipping a container to costa rica

When you are retiring in Costa Rica. There are two main reasons for shipping to Costa Rica, these are the cost of shipping to Costa Rica (money) and irreplaceable comforts from home.


You can see examples of this on craigslist in Costa Rica or if you have had the chance to go shopping down in Costa Rica.  If you look on craigslist for used items or actually go to Walmart or other stores to buy new items you will notice right away the great disparity between the price of goods here and abroad.  For example if you purchase a Frigidaire Refrigerator for $1,500 in the USA or Canada, you should expect to pay about $3,000 for the same item in Costa Rica.  This holds true for electronics as well.  A new iphone4 in the USA or Canada you can get for about $300 and you can expect to pay $600+ for the same item in Costa Rica.  These costs of replacing your items with new or used items in Costa Rica can be a long and quite expensive process.  We are not even including the costs of delivery of the items to your front door after you purchase them here in country.  Although you are going to pay the import tax to bring them to Costa Rica this in far less than the cost of replacing the items both in time involved and money spent.

Irreplaceable Comforts from Home

Most people have things that they really do not want to let go of or want to put into storage and pay that checkbook draining storage fee each and every month.  When loading your container you have space to put those items that you really do not want to throw away or have to carry in your luggage on your flight to Costa Rica.  Shipping your items to Costa Rica gives you the option to bring some of those things with you that you cherish in your hearts.  There are many things that you should not let go of because they make up your past and who you are today.  Also there are some things that you just cannot find here in Costa Rica no matter how hard you look for them.